1.10.5 8 feb 2018

  • add `-lint functionality for checking Taurus configs for errors/typos
  • support recursive included-configs
  • support variables for Robot executor
  • unify environment variables setting for executors
  • call install-for-jmx on modified JMX instead of original
  • wait a bit for JMeter plugins manager to complete plugin installation
  • for cloud provisioned test, don't fail on variable file name in upload
  • don't fail if unable to get connections count in self-monitoring
  • ensure that loaded configuration is dict, throw appropriate exception otherwise
  • remove chrome profiler as it was outdated and unfixable
  • apply load settings for JMX later than modifications disable thread groups
  • support Runtime Controller and Interleave Controller in jmx2yaml
  • make Java executors to prefer user-specified JAR files over default ones
  • make TestNG runner to fail less on missing transitional dependencies

1.10.4 9 jan 2018

  • collect conn-all monitoring metric with the help of netstat utility (note that that introduces depepdency on net-tools package for Linux)
  • don't level down logging if settings.verbose is set
  • set write-xml-jtl=full in JMeter if settings.verbose is set
  • fix files upload resolve for JMeter variables
  • fix error when exception is not shown for failed JMeter run
  • fix JSONPath Extractor generated for JMeter
  • set default timeout for BlazeMeter integration to 30 seconds
  • support specifying cloud test by link to BM
  • fix launching cloud tests by id
  • fix crash when attempting to use external test as a cloud test
  • add send-report-email option for cloud tests
  • support account and workspace entities for cloud tests
  • use requests.Session for BZA requests (enabled keep-alive)
  • fix reporting for concurrent apiritif
  • fix duration reporting in final-stats for some cases
  • fix the way Taurus reads result file globally
  • optimize local resource monitoring collecting
  • fix mixed order of percentile and response code fields in final-stats's CSV report
  • make 'effective.json' file to be JSON-strict (no infinity literals)

Changelog for Year 2017