1.9.3 2 jun 2017

  • fix failure with JMeter cookie manager and "null"
  • install JMeter into per-version directories
  • support data-sources for Gatling script generating
  • auto-replace tabs with spaces, trying to workaround user's config issues
  • create .bzt-rc file template if it not exists
  • support dedicated IPs feature for BlazeMeter Cloud tests
  • add transaction controller "parent sample flag" support
  • add binding to all local IPs into JMeter
  • make virtual display to be service, detach it from Selenium
  • fix jmx2yaml password masking issue
  • fix locust crash when empty host specified
  • fix proxy2jmx chrome loader binary in windows installer
  • fix Windows installer to ship Python egg within
  • added Bamboo article
  • Refactor Gatling script generation to generate nicely formatted scripts

1.9.2 14 may 2017

  • fix grinder having 100% errors
  • extract apiritif into standalone PyPi project
  • improve console message in case of BZA failed response
  • support some of JMeter functions when translating into apiritif code
  • enable apiritif log printing into console when -v is used
  • support apiritif transactions
  • improve grinder RC matching algorithm
  • improve jmx2yaml conversion with encoded params
  • read errors info from distributed locustio test
  • bump up auto-installed JMeter to 3.2
  • avoid recursion in dummy screen dashboard
  • allow specifying link to download Grinder
  • allow using URL field for extract-regex in JMeter scripts
  • support jmx2yaml conversion of JMeter's native JSONPath Post Processors
  • stdin config read removed for CLI (it was hanging)
  • hostaliases support removed (was never working properly)
  • for JMeter, write scenario name into thread group name
  • add simple JMX downloading for Proxy2JMX

1.9.1 19 apr 2017

  • fix errors in reading Grinder KPI file
  • fix race condition in updates check
  • catch possible error in psutil memory KPI getting

1.9.0 16 apr 2017

  • per-technology executors are extracted from selenium executor
  • experimental release of apiritif framework scripts
  • use BZA workspace's enabled flag to filter
  • don't install 10-base.json into /etc/bzt.d as step towards wheel dist
  • proxy2jmx now uses new-style API client
  • fix handling samples with empty RC in console dashboard
  • fix for too many labels requested from BlazeMeter API
  • suppress warning of windows env variables merge
  • change Grinder to single process + threads model, change the way results are read
  • work with test name mapping in Grinder
  • fix locations error with BlazeMeter API

1.8.4 29 mar 2017

  • support new-style Blazemeter API keys
  • introduce over timeframe logic to passfail
  • include report URL into final-stats module's dump-xml
  • fix concurrency values for many thread groups, when values are very low
  • add final-stats alias to conform our naming standards
  • send some more config options to for cloud test
  • documentation fixes
  • fix Grinder working with multiple source files

1.8.3 17 mar 2017

  • fix broken on MacOS due to security restrictions
  • use Java 8 as default compile target for Java

1.8.2 16 mar 2017

  • support follow-redirects option for Gatling
  • add connections count to local monitoring, send it to BlazeMeter API also
  • fix JSON configs with extra characters support
  • fix BlazeMeter API usage
  • bump up Java Selenium to 3.3.0 (will require latest geckodriver installed)
  • bump up JMeter plugins manager to 0.12
  • grab more details for JMeter's functional samples

1.8.1 13 mar 2017

  • make --- not required for YAML files anymore
  • enable YAML multi-doc files support, now --- divides several configs per file (by YAML standard)
  • use less verbose logging in the middle of run, can be overridden with -v option
  • don't write bzt.log into current dir, use temp dir instead, then move to artifacts
  • support arrays as JSON body of requests
  • capture jmeter's stderr/stdout into artifact files
  • allow setting report-name for cloud tests
  • download HAR+Screenshots report automatically from the cloud
  • improve JSON body extraction for jmx2yaml tool, inline short JSR223's into config, convert BeanShell into JSR233
  • allow changing kpi.jtl delimiter through JMeter properties

1.8.0 25 feb 2017

  • Added a capability to specify SoapUI scripts for JMeter executor
  • add services to start/stop appium server and android emulator
  • fix default-address handling for multi-execution use of single scenario
  • Used ENTRYPOINT in docker to allow command-line parameters passing
  • bump up autoinstalled selenium version to 3.0.1
  • Added a converter utility soapui2yaml for converting SoapUI projects into Taurus configs
  • add selector by link text to selenium actions
  • Support for auto setup of proxy server under Microsoft Windows for jmx recording purposes.
  • Passfail made back to be reporter, since it cannot serve as service, reporters need to have actual pass/fail status earlier
  • add support for inlined JSR223 code for JMeter post-processors
  • allow post-processors specified for non-request actions like pauses
  • send Jmeter properties onto remote servers for distributed tests
  • add regexp flag to jmeter jsonpath assertion
  • support variable-names option for JMeter's data-sources
  • fix passfail rc404>10 within 1m logic
  • fix overriding concurrency in case thread groups have non-int values inside
  • fix JMeter's treatment of resource files for cloud tests that have paths relative to the JMX
  • fix crash on cloud test results handling caused by API changes
  • migrate to v4 API of BlazeMeter
  • report non-zero exit code if cloud test has errors

Changelog for Year 2016