Rules for Contributing

  1. All contributions go via pull requests and code review
  2. Most of pylint warnings should be fixed
  3. All new files must contain Apache License header (unit test files may not have it)
  4. All changes must be reflected in Changelog
  5. All changes must be properly documented
  6. All changes must be covered with unit tests, no broken tests in master

Release Process

  • Modify, set version and date
  • Set correct version in bzt/, commit
  • Create git tag, make git push, including tag
  • Build source distribution: ./
  • Upload to PyPi: python ./ upload
  • rebuild and publish Docker image (how?)
  • site is updated automatically by Jenkins
  • notify all interested parties (Twitter, mailing lists)

Deploying Project Website

If you want to deploy project website locally to debug its content use these instructions (actually it's for Debian/Ubuntu, adopt for your system if needed).

Have Apache web server installed with mod_rewrite support and PHP 5:

  sudo apt-get update
  sudo apt-get install apache2 libapache2-mod-php5 php5
  sudo a2enmod rewrite

Prepare site directory, go here and execute

 php -r "readfile('');" | php
 php composer.phar update --prefer-stable
 ln -s vendor/undera/pwe/.htaccess 
 mkdir snapshots

Under /etc/apache2/sites-enabled create the file taurus.conf with following content (change for appropriate directory names):

<Directory "/home/mydir/taurus/site">
    Options FollowSymlinks
    AllowOverride All
    Require all granted
Listen 8002
<VirtualHost _default_:8002>
        DocumentRoot /home/mydir/taurus/site

Restart Apache webserver

 sudo service apache2 restart

Open http://localhost:8002 in your browser, you should see our website.

Developing Taurus Extensions

Taurus is an extensible project. You can develop additional modules for it (executors, services, reporters) in a completely separate codebase. See bzt/resources/base-config.yml to get a feeling of how Taurus loads all its components.

Additionally, Taurus has a mechanism for automatically detecting configuration files for Taurus plugins. Here's the conditions:

  1. Your plugin has to be a Python package installed with the same Python that you're using to run Taurus.
  2. You plugin has to have a bzt-configs.json file in the project dir (right next to
  3. In this file should be a JSON list of configuration file names that your project uses to define Taurus modules.

For example, you are developing a Taurus extension with the following structure:

├──  # package init file, standard for Python
├──  # your plugin module, contains class HelloService
├── 10-hello.yml  # configuration file, analogous to base-config.yml
├── bzt-configs.json  # configuration index

Contents of bzt-configs.json should be `["10-hello.yml"]`.

Contents of 10-hello.yml:

    class: bzt_plugin_hello.hello.HelloService

Python Egg Snapshots

Download and install it like this:

pip install bzt-150.tar.gz

bzt-, 939.13 KB, Feb 12, 2019
TaurusInstaller_1.13.2.134_x64.exe, 25.1 MB, Feb 12, 2019
TaurusInstaller_1.13.2.133_x64.exe, 25.1 MB, Feb 12, 2019
bzt-, 939.16 KB, Feb 12, 2019
bzt-, 939.11 KB, Feb 11, 2019
TaurusInstaller_1.13.2.132_x64.exe, 25.1 MB, Feb 11, 2019
bzt-, 939.09 KB, Feb 08, 2019
TaurusInstaller_1.13.2.129_x64.exe, 25.1 MB, Feb 08, 2019
bzt-, 939.09 KB, Jan 29, 2019
TaurusInstaller_1.13.2.10298_x64.exe, 25.08 MB, Jan 29, 2019
TaurusInstaller_1.13.2.128_x64.exe, 25.08 MB, Jan 29, 2019
bzt-, 939.11 KB, Jan 29, 2019
bzt-, 939.04 KB, Jan 21, 2019
TaurusInstaller_1.13.2.10297_x64.exe, 25.29 MB, Jan 21, 2019
bzt-, 939.01 KB, Jan 21, 2019
TaurusInstaller_1.13.2.127_x64.exe, 25.29 MB, Jan 21, 2019
bzt-, 938.93 KB, Jan 18, 2019
TaurusInstaller_1.13.2.126_x64.exe, 25.29 MB, Jan 18, 2019
bzt-, 938.98 KB, Jan 18, 2019
TaurusInstaller_1.13.2.10296_x64.exe, 25.29 MB, Jan 18, 2019
bzt-, 938.92 KB, Jan 16, 2019
TaurusInstaller_1.13.2.125_x64.exe, 25.28 MB, Jan 16, 2019
bzt-, 938.93 KB, Jan 16, 2019
TaurusInstaller_1.13.2.10295_x64.exe, 25.28 MB, Jan 16, 2019
bzt-, 938.92 KB, Jan 16, 2019
TaurusInstaller_1.13.2.123_x64.exe, 25.28 MB, Jan 16, 2019
bzt-, 938.95 KB, Jan 16, 2019
TaurusInstaller_1.13.2.10293_x64.exe, 25.28 MB, Jan 16, 2019