Nose Executor

Allows to run functional Python tests based on nose library.

Taurus can loop test suite execution in a loop until desired number of iterations will complete or hold-for time will be exceeded.


- executor: nose  
    script: tests/

Supported file types:

It is valid to specify both single Python module (single .py file) and a Python package (folder with Python modules and packages).

Configuration options:

    working-dir: classes  # set name of runner working directory within artifacts dir
    interpreter: /home/user/interpreter/python  # path to custom interpreter.

Request Scenario

Nose executor supports building test script from the requests option of scenario. In that case Taurus will generate a Python script that will be launched with nose.

Supported features:

  • select browser
  • set timeout/think-time on both scenario and request levels
  • assertions (only requested page source inspected)
  • request method GET (only)
  • send keys, wait for items, click on items selected by ID/Name/CSS/XPath

Action names are built as <action>By<selector type>(<selector>). Sometimes actions can have value. Options are:

  • waitByID, waitByName, waitByLinkText, waitByCSS and waitByXPath - to wait until desired option becomes present on page.

Timeout is taken from scenario-level timeout option. Optionally, you can specify parameter visible to wait for visibility rather than presence (like waitByName(elmName): visible)

  • clickByID, clickByName, clickByLinkText, clickByCSS and clickByXPath - no parameter, just click on object
  • keysByID, keysByName, keysByLinkText, keysByCSS and keysByXPath - to enter keys into input items, requires parameter.

Like this: keysByName(MyFormInputName): Value To Enter

There is special action pauseFor(<time>) which makes script to sleep for specified amount of time. Also, calling action clearCookies() will force deleteallcookies method to be called on WebDriver object.

Sample request scenario:

    browser: Firefox  # available browsers are: ["Firefox", "Chrome", "Ie", "Opera"]
    timeout: 10  #  global scenario timeout for connecting, receiving results, 30 seconds by default
    think-time: 1s500ms  # global scenario delay between each request
    default-address:  # specify a base address, so you can use short urls in requests
    - url: /  # url to open, only get method is supported
      actions:  # holds list of actions to perform
      - waitByCSS(body)
      - clickByID(mySubmitButton)
      - pauseFor(5s)
      - clearCookies()
      - keysByName(myInputName): keys_to_type
      - waitByID(myObjectToAppear): visible
      assert: # assert executed after actions
      - contains:
        - blazemeter  # list of search patterns
        - Trusted
        subject: body # only body subject supported
        regexp: false  # treat string as regular expression
        not: false  # inverse assertion condition