Existing Results Loader

Taurus provides external-results-loader executor for cases, where you want to load test results from existing output files, those generated outside of Taurus (JTL files from JMeter, simulation.log files from Gatling, etc).

For example, it can be used to quickly generate online BlazeMeter report for test files that you obtained from standalone JMeter run.

There is shorthand for running this directly from command-line: bzt path/to/file.jtl -report

If you need to use some more options to loader, here's YAML config example:

- executor: external-results-loader
  data-file: kpi.jtl  # required field
  errors-file: error.jtl  # optional field

- module: blazemeter
  test: Taurus Data Loader (JMeter)

List of supported file formats:

  • kpi.jtl/error.jtl (JMeter CSV & XML files)
  • simulation.log (Gatling)
  • grinder-bzt-kpi.log (Grinder)
  • TSV files (Apache Benchmark)
  • pbench-kpis.txt (PBench)