swagger2yaml — Convert Swagger specs into Taurus YAML

Taurus includes a command-line utility named swagger2yaml that can be used to convert existing Swagger definitions into Taurus YAML-based configs.

Supported command-line options:

  • -h, --help - show help message and exit
  • -q, --quiet - only errors printed to console
  • -v, --verbose - prints all logging messages to console
  • -j, --json - use json format instead of yaml
  • -o FILE_NAME, --out=FILE_NAME - change output file name, by default is input file name + .yml in current directory
  • --scenarios-from-paths - generate a scenario per path (instead of generating a single scenario). disabled by default.
  • --parameter-interpolation - setup interpolation for templated parameters. Valid values are 'values', 'variables', 'none'. Default is 'values'.


  • swagger2yaml swagger.json - convert Swagger spec
  • swagger2yaml swagger.json -o swagger-converted.yml --scenarios-from-paths - convert Swagger spec, creating a scenario per path, and save it to a specific file

Notes about Swagger to YAML translation process:

  1. The whole spec is converted into single scenario
  2. Only GET requests are extracted by default (you can use -a option to extract all kinds of requests)
  3. Templated paths (e.g. /api/users/{userId}) are converted to real paths by replacing path parameters with placeholder values accoding to parameter type
  4. All types of parameters (except for body) are supported: path, query, header, formData.
  5. While swagger2yaml can generate dummy data for parameters using type and format fields, the generation of dummy data from schema field (containing JSON Schema definition) isn't supported (yet).