Artifacts Directory Information

When Taurus starts, a directory called 'Artifacts directory' is created, and it contains all the files that already exist and/or created, which are necessary for the program to run.

Common files

These are the files that are common for each executor:

  • bzt.log contains all Taurus logs
  • effective.json and effective.yml contain all Taurus settings and parameters
  • merged.json and merged.yml contain final config version, that Taurus will run
  • config_name.yml is an original config file
  • executor.err, executor.log, executor.out are files with errors, logs and output of an executor
  • kpi.jtl or ExecutorTester.ldjson are files, which contain data of all requests which were made

Executor-specific files

The following files are executor-specific:

  • apiritif.X.csv contains data of all requests which were made with Apiritif
  • simulation.log contains data of all requests which were made with Gatling
  • is a Python file, generated for Apiritif
  • webdriver.log is a log of a Selenium webdriver
  • is a Python file, generated for Locust
  • error.jtl is a JMeter specific file with its error
  • requests.jmx and modified_requests.jmx are specific JMeter files with user's config data
  • various .properties files contain different Taurus, executor, or runner properties
  • log.html and output.xml are specific Robot Executor files with its data
  • contains launch data for Gatling
  • TaurusSimulation_X.scala contains Scala code for launching Gatling
  • tsung-config.xml is a configuration for Tsung