1.16.2 19 Dec 2021

  • add support of code generation for Microsoft Edge browser
  • migration to new JMeter in order to avoid log4j vulnerabilities and fix them for JMeter 5+
  • fix web drivers auto installation

1.16.1 08 Dec 2021

  • add alternative aggregation mode (for BlazeMeter's EFT feature)
  • make some tools auto installable (selenium, appium)
  • support versions of packages in pip-installer service
  • bring python3.9 into docker image
  • use Driver Manger to install appropriate webdriver version
  • add support for shadow DOM in Chrome 96
  • update default version of jmeter to 5.4.1
  • fix jmeter iteration handling (allow usage of props)
  • fix k6 iteration setup
  • update k6 log reader
  • update installation docs

1.16.0 06 Oct 2021

  • add setup/teardown python code generation
  • add autoinstallation for python tools (apiritif, pytest, locust, robot)
  • fix installation check of robot tool
  • support set-variables step for Gatling
  • made vegeta CSV recognizable by external results loader
  • extended apiritif syntax for finding iframes by locators
  • update locust assertions support
  • remove grinder tool support
  • update Java version to 11
  • update chromedriver version to 93
  • fix documentation

1.15.4 09 Jul 2021

  • add support of advanced browser options
  • add apiritif external action handlers
  • add apiritif graceful shutdown feature
  • improve jmeter thread group conversion
  • fix iteration calculation in apiritif
  • add option to pass cmd line to some executors
  • implement vegeta auto installation
  • update k6 installation process in docker
  • added error message that Shadow DOM slots are not supported yet
  • fix tools stopping logic
  • fix final stats table in bzt.log
  • add code coverage check to travis

1.15.3 15 Apr 2021

  • add support of k6 and vegeta tools
  • add support of MQTT protocol to jmeter executor
  • add Plugins-Manager and Command-Runner configuration
  • update gatling support to current (3.4+) version
  • update molotov to current (2.1) version
  • migrate from elfinder Cloud API
  • fix selenium wait exception when ignored alert
  • fix scripEval action issue (curly brackets in param)

1.15.2 21 Jan 2021

  • add support for client side certificates
  • add option to exclude ramp-up from cumulative stats
  • Docker image optimization
  • remove support of Yandex.Phantom tool
  • write interpreter and packages details into log
  • add waiter for page load after selected Apiritif actions
  • update chrome driver version
  • update junit version
  • avoid taurus crash due to psutil
  • fix when non-latin characters console bug
  • Improve docs (Apiritif, installation, etc.)

Changelog for Year 2020