Console Reporter

This reporter module shows full screen dashboard with some KPIs and even graphs in ASCII-art. Check this out:

Console Screen

This reporter is enabled by default.

Console reporter has the following settings:

    # disable console reporter
    disable: false  # default: auto
    # configure screen type
    screen: console
    # valid values are:
    # - console (ncurses-based dashboard, default for *nix systems)
    # - gui (window-based dashboard, default for Windows, requires Tkinter)
    # - dummy (text output into console for non-tty cases)
    dummy-cols: 140  # width for dummy screen
    dummy-rows: 35   # height for dummy screen 

Tkinter dashboard (gui mode) can be scaled with ctrl+Mouse-Scroll

You can also disable this reporter by using command-line -o switch:

bzt config.yml -o modules.console.disable=true

There is 'auto' value for the disable parameter - console will be turned off if tty isn't found on the STDOUT side (e.g. output is intended for CI system)

On Windows, Console Screen is shown in separate window and users may change font size by holding Ctrl key and using mouse wheel. Two additional options are dummy-cols and dummy-rows, they affect the size of dummy screen that is used by dummy screen.