Data Sources

Taurus allows you to use external CSV files for testing purposes. It can only be used with JMeter, Apiritif, and Gatling executors.

Please keep in mind that not all options are supported by each executor.

Here is a full list of options:

    -${id}-${name}     # request with data from a file

    data-sources: # list of external data sources
    - path/to/my.csv  # this is a shorthand form
    - path: path/to/another.csv  # this is a full form
      delimiter: ','
      quoted: false
      encoding: "utf-8"
      loop: true
      variable-names: id,name
      random-order: false


  • path is a path to a csv file. This option is required.
  • delimiter is a CSV delimiter. It is auto-detected by default, but you can use a symbol, i.e. '.' for dot, ',' for comma. Also, you can use 'tab' for a tab symbol.
  • quoted allows quoted data. Can be true of false. Omit for autodetection. Not available for Gatling.
  • encoding allows you to specify encoding type. Available only for Apiritif.
  • loop allows to loop over in case of end-of-file reached if true, stop thread if false.
  • variable-names delimiter-separated list of variable names, empty by default. When omitted, the first line of CSV file will be used as variable names. Not available for Gatling.
  • random-order enables randomizing plugin; false by default. Available only for JMeter.

When random-order is false, data extraction will proceed in direct manner. Data lines, which contain delimiters, will be read from the top down to the bottom, just the way they were written. Otherwise, the data will be extracted in a random way.