Convert Existing JMX File into Taurus YAML

Command-line tool named jmx2yaml is used to convert simple JMX scripts into Taurus configuration file. Tool options are:

  • -h, --help - show help message and exit
  • -q, --quiet - log only error messages
  • -v, --verbose - include debugging messages into logs
  • -j, --json - use JSON as output format instead of YAML
  • -o FILE_NAME, --out=FILE_NAME - change output file name, by default is input file name + .yml
  • -d DUMP_JMX, --dump-jmx=DUMP_JMX - dumps modified JMX etree into file
  • -l LOG, --log LOG - specify log file location


  • jmx2yaml sample.jmx
  • jmx2yaml sample.jmx -q -n -j
  • jmx2yaml sample.jmx -v -o out.yml -d modified.jmx

Make note that only flat JMX structure is supported. Several Thread Groups will be transformed into several executions.