NUnit Executor

This executor allows to run tests written with NUnit framework. It uses Mono under Linux and Mac OS and native Windows functions under Windows. There is a full support for NUnit 3.

Follow execution params are possible for NUnit Executor: concurrency, iterations, hold-for and ramp-up.


- executor: nunit
  concurrency: 2
  iterations: 5
    script: bin/Release/TestAssembly.dll  # assembly with tests

Taurus will run NUnit through a custom runner that will extract all tests from DLL assembly and pass them to NUnit to run them.

Note that Taurus won't try to build your test suite solution. You should build it yourself, either with VisualStudio/MonoDevelop or with command line tools. You can find the example of test suite project with building instructions in Taurus's repo at Github.

Under non-Windows operating systems, Taurus requires Mono to be installed. Mono 4 is the preferred version.

Note: when running tests, you should have NUnit's DLL (nunit.framework.dll) placed in the same directory as the DLL assembly with your tests. Furthermore, any DLLs referenced from your DLL should also be in that same directory.