New executor checklist

This is a checklist for adding new test executor to Taurus.

There's another guide that focuses on the implementation of test executor.


  • Executor class
  • ResultsReader class (for load executors)
  • Test engine plugin to write test results in Taurus-compatible LDJSON (for functional)
  • Update bzt/resources/base-config.yml
  • Sidebar widget for console dashboard


  • Unit tests
  • Manual testing


  • Add new executor doc page in site/dat/docs/
    • Short description
    • List of features
    • Configuration examples
    • Notes and specifics
  • Mention new executor to index and to execution settings
  • Add .change file to site/dat/docs/changes/


  • Add to examples/all-executors.yml
  • Update Dockerfile and verify that Docker build works
  • Add usage example to examples/
  • Update and ensure that python sdist includes all necessary files