SoapUI Support

SoapUI support

You can specify existing SoapUI scripts for JMeter executor. The executor will extract specified test case from SoapUI project and convert it to Taurus scenario.


- executor: jmeter
  concurrency: 20
  hold-for: 1m
    script: project.xml  # SoapUI project
    test-case: index  # name of SoapUI test case to use

If your SoapUI project contains only one test case — you can omit the test-case option.

soapui2yaml — Converting Existing SoapUI Project into Taurus YAML

Taurus includes a command-line utility named soapui2yaml that can be used to convert existing SoapUI scripts into Taurus YAML-based configs.

Supported command-line options:

  • -h, --help - show help message and exit
  • -q, --quiet - only errors printed to console
  • -v, --verbose - prints all logging messages to console
  • -j, --json - use json format instead of yaml
  • -o FILE_NAME, --out=FILE_NAME - change output file name, by default is input file name + .yml in current directory
  • -t TEST_CASE, --test-case TEST_CASE - extract single test case by name


  • soapui2yaml project.xml - convert whole SoapUI project
  • soapui2yaml project.xml --test-case SmokeTest -o soapui-smoke-test.yml - extract only one test case

Note that when converting SoapUI project, Taurus uses the following rules:

  1. Each test case is translated to a separate Taurus scenario.
  2. If test case has a load test - it's converted to an execution element.
  3. Only REST and HTTP requests are supported.
  4. The following HTTP request features are supported: HTTP headers, request body, parameters, assertions.
  5. Only "Contains" and "Not Contains" assertions are supported at the moment
  6. Properties are converted to JMeter variables.
  7. Property transfer is translated to JMeter extractors (XPath and JSONPath).